Whatever  you want, update your drivetrain to modern, rebuild your motor or full race motor from mild to wild, we can make it happen. We’ll work with machines of any decades.

We have built forced induction engines from 1992, with Roots-blower, single turbo, twin turbo and twin screw superchargers. We have experience from small one cylinder engines to mammoth size V12. We even know our ways with exotics, like Dodge Viper V10.

We carry parts from numerous reliable suppliers and we have our own shipping so you get parts quick, easy and with lower prices. If there is a part, anywhere in this globe, you want, we’ll get it for you. Or if there isn’t what you need, we can build it for you.

Usually we take our build engine to be tune-in in a dyno.

Now days is coming more and more popular to chance old worn out drive train to modern drive train. This gives numerous benefits on reliability, comfortable to use and cost to run it. We can provide parts, do the actual technical chancing work or do it all “turn-key” .

If needed we can handle transportation professionally, safe from weather elements and from the eyes, with using big enclosed trailer.

Body Shop

We have specialize in technical modifications and sheet metal repairs. In sheet metal work, we either order new panel or fabricate those by ourselves. We can handle large restorations also.

We can do full disassembly, either sand or soda blast or high pressure water jet using rotisserie, acid dip and if needed we can install body to frame table where we can do large repairs without fear of chancing the dimension of the body.

Fabrication Shop

We do modification to the suspensions, chance the type of it and do rear end modifications and brake updates. Normal work items are boat props, car intake manifolds, radiators and intercoolers. We do tube fabrications, exhausts, headers, turbo headers, intercooler and intake tubes, tube frames, roll gages, roll bars, boat railings, hand rails, trailer builds & modifications and so on.

Materials: steel, stainless steel, brass and aluminium.