Twin Screw Supercharged 572 Hemi Charger

Owner: Masi Isohanni, Alaveteli, Finland

The car came to us for roof skin chance, fuel tank  and supercharger build.  Car was already been built as you see, a pro-touring style with upgraded suspensions, steering, wheels and brakes.

It was in Extreme car show in Helsinki, got awarded the 2. place on muscle category so chancing the roof was nice challenge to us to do it without ruin the whole paintjob.

The supercharger build is a brainchild of the owner and us. After large internet searches we count find any info that anyone has ever done one before. Most parts are made as one-off’s, design and build in house.  For example, the blowers oval intake tube(3”x8”) is hand formed from 2mm aluminum without any kind of fillers as is the air filter housing.

Fuel tank is a custom piece, made from 2mm aluminum to fit on stock locations so the stock fill up neck would still work. Inside the tank are baffles and trapdoors supplying fuel to three Bosch 044-pumps. They are controlled by Motec-engine management system to run 1+2 style depending on demand.

Direct ignition (distributorless) system has been builded before, most known is the Swedish  528 HEMI DeTomaso Panthera.