736HP Blown Camaro

Owner:  Jussi Hirvonen, Kitee, Finland

Car came to us for blower installation, but soon after the owner decide to turn it to full engine build.

Engine is full race motor, using a Merlin block, billet crank and rods, custom pistons and custom roller cam.

A Dart Pro 1 heads was used, Weiand 8-71 blower, fuel delivered by two 850cfm Demons. Ignition is from MSD.

Engine made 736Hp, 1063Nm on a engine dyno with 0.5 bar/ 7psi of boost. Bottom is build to handle 25psi.

In the street is driven with 0.35bar/ 5psi

Our made custom parts can be found on aircleaner, radiator fan mounts and radiator top plate.

We made a bolted custom subframe under the car to tie front and back together.  We chance the stock steering to rack ‘n’ pinion. Also the drivetrain and fuel system is beefed up to the power level but rest of the car is untouch, daily driver by the owner request.