We import parts for cars, bikes and boats, tools and household goods from all over the world. We have our own contacts so you´ll get your parts faster, easier and with less money. We can ship by using freight ships, ocean containers or by airmail using FedEx priority services or DB Shenker air freight services.

We buy parts from companies such as Ford, General Motors, Dodge, Year One, Summit Racing Equipment, National Parts Depot, Mustang Unlimited, LMC-Trucks, Harbor Freight Tool, Home Depot, Wal-Mart and Stihl. The list keeps growing all the time. We can also get things from internet e.g. EBay, Amazon and Craigslist. Or we can get parts from the company that you refer. If there is a part sold somewhere and you want it, we can deliver it.

If you can’t find a part that you need, we can make it for you from many different materials such as metal, wood, plastic or composite materials. We cooperate with companies from many different fields of manufacturing helping us deliver high quality service for you.